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The former Moolap Saltworks provide a prime wetland habitat for migratory shorebirds. These birds undertake an amazing global journey each year, migrating between the Arctic, where they breed, to Australia, where they spend our summers.

Many shorebird species are critically endangered. Our wetlands are crucial for their survival.

The Moolap site is under threat from development proposals that would degrade this important shorebird habitat. We see an alternative where Moolap could become a world-class ecotourism site. The wetlands would be preserved and all of Geelong would benefit from income generated by interstate and overseas visitors…..    GFNC response

DELWP has released an updated set of options for Moolap.  

Discussions and community involvement are being sought. See the News page for details

Other threats to the Geelong foreshore ecosystem are emerging. See the News page for details.

See Save the Moolap Wetlands on Facebook.                  (Header photo:  Curlew Sandpipers © Chris Tzaros)